Things You Shouldn’t Say During A Live Sex Cam Session

Like many services offered in today’s society, cam girls are providing a service for pay and even though you’re paying there are thing you shouldn’t say during a live sex cam chat. What you can expect is an enjoyable time and also, perhaps getting off. And last but not least you might
fulfill one of your fantasies or truly get your kink on.

All this comes at a price in money, time and your imagination. Usually this should be a straightforward proposition. However, when dealing with sex, it is never what it seems to be. I’ve compiled a
list of things that should never be said in a chat session with a cam girl.

Respecting Cam Girls is Paramount

If you want to have more than just a humdrum session. So NEVER say, “I’m paying you and you will do what I tell you to.” Once you have said this your session is over and you
might just get yourself banned from that site.

Do Not Whine To Models

Among the things that you should never do is whine about the session. And especially about her not giving you more time without paying. If it ever comes to the point of you saying, “But just a minute or two more?” you’ve again lost the session and probably the chance to spend more time with her.

Paying Cam Girls Good

You should always start the session with enough money to last twice as long as what you think you will need. If you say, “I’m out of money, but please just a bit more?” you’ve lost the session.

Stop Words Listed

I’ve said it multiple times but I will say it once again. You should never use the terms below:
a. Fuck
b. Cunt
c. Shit
d. God Damn
e. Mother Fucker
f. Slash
g. Gash
h. Slit
i. Cut
j. Or any other derogative term for a woman you are paying to have sex with. Yes, it is sex even over a webcam.
A disclaimer to this is that you, you can use any and all of those terms if that is what you negotiate with your webcam girl. However, it is still best to let her use it first and then you can begin to go
through your fantasy as negotiated.

Don’t Lose Your Temper

Not so much something said specifically, but more as a caution. If you lose your temper with your webcam girl, you will almost certainly not be desired back. You will ruin any chance you have
for a return visit. And you will get a reputation among cam girls as someone who cannot control himself. Yes, they do talk among themselves. Otherwise simply have fun and enjoy your sessions.

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