Basic Rules For Having Webcam Sex

As you probably know if you’ve spent any time with girls having webcam sex, there are rules which really boil down to how to get the best sex session experience you can possibly get. These rules are important so you must know them.

First, remember that you are paying someone to entertain you and that they are doing this to earn a living, or at least spending money. Never get upset about the money. Always pay graciously and
remember to tip when you have especially enjoyed it.

Here are rules that will make it better for you and probably make you an enjoyed repeat customer.

1. Respect your webcam sex model.

Respecting any girl is of course a very important life rule that your mothing probably taught you. This rule doesn’t bend for webcam girls. If anything, it’s more important because they can get you banned or kicked off the site if you’re disrespectful.

2. Pay and be willing to pay more.

These sexy cam girls are working girls, plain and simple. They are similair to escorts, yet they are on your computed screen versus in a shady hotel room with you. If you want to orgasm and get her to do things you need to pay her. You need to always be willing to pay for things. If you’re not, you might as well quit now and join some free adult dating website that might get you laid or just go watch a porn video online and jackoff.

3. Never start with profanity or slur words.

This is most important the first few times you are with a particularly new cam girl you’re not familiar with. You should be positive and concise about what you want her to do for you. However, do NOT use any harsh or degrading terms until you determine she is okay with that type of talk. Wait until she is using them and then you can respond in kind. Watch for signs that she is actually enjoying this. I find that it’s super important to pay close attention to what she is talking to you about. It will give you a good indication of what she’s up for and not.

4. Wait for her to ask.

When the conversation gets hot and she is asking for what you want, what you are doing, then you can follow her lead and then get off like you’ve never done before. Until then, I suggest you wait until she asks you what you want. You will come of too demanding if you take any other approach.

5. Make her feel wanted.

So does it turn you on to feel wanted by someone? Of course it does. It turns on cam girls just as well. That means the more you make them feel like you really can’t help but yearn for them then the more they’re likely to do crazy things for you. They love feeling loved. Trust me, I treat all my models this way and it works like a charm.

6. Add her to your fantasy.

Another in this series of rules is when you find you are able to converse well with your webcam girl then you can begin to fulfill your fantasy. But again take it slowly. Let her get your idea and definitely let her know that she is a focal point of your fantasy. Make her feel like it was her was her own and then keep moving it to what you need to get off.

7. Don’t just leave.

Finally, when you are finished, you need to decide if you like this girl and want to get with her again. If you do, then be sure to not just leave the private chat room right after you get off. You must thank her and tell her you’ll be back. If there is a way for you to do so, give her a tip. Trust me she’ll appreciate it more than ever.

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