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ImLive Review Summary

I was not really looking for a cam site at the time but I came across It was a coincidence that I happen to see a hot Asian girl on the homepage and decided to browse. The site had big thumbs, hot women and I was bored so I decided to browse. I’m glad I did because ImLive is a great cam site!

Cam Site Details

This site looks appealing. It has rich content and gorgeous models. It is has many features for guests. Guests can chat and view videos for free albeit a select number of videos. They can also post
messages and get replies from the models. There are multiple ways to view the girls images as well. You can also view the site in a number of languages. It has a number of amazing features and some of the best that I’ve ever used.

Browsing the models

I have to admit I have not browsed as many models as I would have liked. But because the website is optimized for mobile viewing, I will use it more often when I travel because I travel a lot. I
did not need to go far from the homepage. They were all there conveniently. You will need to have lots of time even with a good search facility to go through the over 80,000 models that the site
claims to have. Most of the models speak multiple languages so there should be no language barrier between you and your cam model.

Free Chat and Messaging

There are many features here for guests. You can chat for free and view videos for free. You can also send messages to the models and they can get back to you for free. Who doesn’t love chatting with webcam models free of charge? I absolutely love this feature.

Private and Exclusive Chat

When you want the meat of this site, you have to go private. Here, you will be able to tell the girl to do whatever it is you want her to do. I ended up taking one of the Asian girls in an exclusive chat session for about 15 minutes. She was basically willing to do anything that I requested. I loved the experience that I had! How cool is it to make super-hot and naughty girls do what you want? Exactly, it’s amazing!

The Webcam Girls on ImLive

The site boasts of over 80,000 girls and there are many categories to use to search for the ones you want. But even with these categories, they are just too many for someone like me. But that is a
good problem to have. It is better to have too many as opposed to too few. I have to say that I’ve not had a single negative experience with any of the girls on the site here.


The price is different because each model or girl charges a different rate per minute. The rates are priced according to the ratings that these girls get from other users. This is a cool way to charge
because it ensures only the best get to charge high fees as opposed to everyone hiking their prices. I’m cheap and don’t like to pay too much so I enjoyed this pricing structure and found both models and prices that I liked.


The fact that the site is available in many languages, has many free features and can be easily accessed on mobile make this a good site. There are also video contests as well as exclusive pornstar


The site seems a bit slow to load but that’s not the end of the world. It may even be that  my connection is just slow. Although I must admit, I have encountered this problem a few times.

Final Thoughts is worth joining. Other than the site loading slow on some occasions it’s a serious win when it comes to being a world class webcam site. Plain and simple, this site has a lot going for it. Check it out for free today!

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