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I have always had a thing for Asian girls. I am not new to cam sites and when I learned about this site offering Asian webcams, I jumped on it hoping it was not a scam. Site Details

This site has many girls. In addition, they show you how many of them are online at the same time as you. The site is not too cluttered like others I have been to. The site also prides itself in
offering more features for its guests and basic members than many sites do.

Browsing The Models

The models on this site were cool. They were not anything I had not seen before but it was good to chat and have fun with new girls instead of the same ones I was used to. I liked the feature where
you get to check out new models easily as opposed to looking for them manually.

Free Cam Chat and Messaging

The thing with webcam models is you will rarely if ever find it hard to get a response from a model. You can chat with them even if you are a guest or a basic member. The only problem here is the
fact that you will be doing it at the same time as other people hence the need for private chat.

Private and Exclusive Chatting

This is for those who want to see more than the faces and shoulders of models. If you want to see it all, you better chat her in private. The videos are high quality and have audio.

The Webcam Girls

The fact that the site has audio is great because you get to hear the girl and not just see her. The girls are great and you will like them. The variety enables you to select the ones who are to
your liking.


The models on this site get to determine the price per minute of their sessions. This information is displayed when you want to chat with them privately. The rates really vary depending on the model you choose but they are all pretty reasonable in my honest opinion.


The fact that the site is optimized for mobile viewing means you can enjoy the site wherever you are. That is a plus. In addition, there are many models to choose from and the videos are high


The loading of the site is sometimes an issue. I do not know if it is me or it is the site. But I have used many sites before including other cam sites on the same day and they were ok.

Final Thoughts

There are no recurring charges and the site has more features for its guests as well as basic members for its site. This is more than you will get in many sites. It is worth it and the number of Asian cam models is definitely a high amount. Well worth spending at least $100 to try it out!

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